The Executive Assistant to the President & CEO is an exempt salary position which provides direct support to The President & CEO of the company. This position serves as the main point of contact that interfaces with company staff, external stakeholders,  members, and the general public on behalf of the President & CEO while providing direct administrative support to the President & CEO on behalf of the organization.


  • Manages the President & CEO’s calendar, appointments, and daily responsibilities, with a particular focus on efficient time management. This includes but is not limited to arranging internal and external meetings, managing external speaking engagements and external board/leadership commitments, anticipating and deconflicting scheduling conflicts, arranging travel plans, and coordinating appropriately with company staff to prioritize the time of the President & CEO.
  • Works with company staff and external stakeholders to prepare President & CEO for meetings, speaking engagements, and other activities in advance.
  • Facilitates and appropriately documents member and investor outreach made by the President & CEO.
  • Manages personal and professional contacts for the President & CEO.
  • Drafts correspondence and other communications on behalf of the President & CEO in a professional manner. All correspondence should be properly formatted, consistent, visually appealing, and should adhere to any and all brand guidelines. Communications could include handwritten correspondence, email correspondence, meeting notifications, and other organizational communications and may require engagement with other company staff, to include members of the company’s communications and design team.
  • Responsible for building agendas, facilitating meetings (could be in person or virtual), keeping minutes and records, managing all meeting correspondence, and coordinating company staff participation in regular meetings of the Board of Directors, the Board’s Executive Committee, the company foundation, and other stakeholder meetings, as necessary.
  • Responsible for keeping organizational records, to include but not limited to, leadership rosters, meeting minutes, records of Board decisions, Board nominations, Board bylaws, and resolutions of the Board.
  • Responsible for general meeting and event support as relevant to the activities of the President & CEO. Meetings may be virtual, in-person, and/or off-site and could include small group meetings, larger strategy sessions, catered events, group dinners, and/or small receptions.
  • Responsible for coordinating certain reports, upon request, for staff and the President & CEO and processing expense reports on behalf of the President & CEO.
  • Responsible for receiving visitors and handling phone calls on behalf of the President & CEO and making decisions about who gets access to the executive and what information the executive receives.
  • Must thoroughly understand the company’s work in order to prioritize the activities of the President & CEO and to communicate opportunities and coordinate with other members of the company’s leadership team as necessary.
  • High levels of productivity and organizational skills. Ability to manage high volumes of information.
  • Email inbox management on behalf of the President & CEO.
  • Perform all other duties as assigned.

 Minimum Requirements:

  • Exemplary communication and writing skills. This position serves as a gatekeeper and representative of the President & CEO, deciding which messages and which visitors or callers need to go directly to the President & CEO and which need to be redirected or handled in some other way while also being able to generate executive communications. This involves the ability to quickly glean information from staff and those seeking time from the President & CEO.
  • Time management. Must be able to keep President & CEO on track, prepared, and able to focus on the most important priorities for the organization while, at the same time, managing time sensitive requests and keeping regular organizational meetings on track.
  • Ability to handle proprietary and sensitive information. This position will have access to sensitive information, including the personal information of the President & CEO, which must be handled with discretion, professionalism, and the appropriate level of confidentiality.
  • Ability to multitask. This position will regularly handle more than one task at a time. Must be able to maintain a fast pace while keeping the President & CEO on task and on time.
  • Technology proficiency. This position requires a familiarity and high proficiency level with virtual meeting and conference calling platforms, with a specific emphasis on Microsoft Teams and Zoom; word processing and design platforms such as the Office365 suite of applications and Adobe; familiarity and proficiency with organizational databases; and proficiency with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint (ability to prepare, compile, or modify presentations on behalf of President & CEO). Must demonstrate a general aptitude for finding, in conjunction with the Vice President for Administration, as necessary, technical solutions to meet the day-to-day needs of the President & CEO and to adequately support meetings and events under this position’s area of responsibility.
  • Relationship-minded. The company is about partnerships and collaborating across a number of constituencies to move Montgomery forward. This position must focus on relationships first, whether collaborating internally with company staff to focus the priorities of the President & CEO or facilitating external outreach.
  • Anticipatory mindset. This position is responsible for keeping the President & CEO prepared and focused on advancing the overarching priorities of the organization. This requires a forward-looking approach that makes it possible to anticipate both opportunities and problems and to work solutions ahead of time in a manner that results in the best possible outcomes for the organization and organizational leadership, exemplifying one of the company’s Core Values – “Leave nothing to chance!”



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