STARTING SALARY RANGE:  $34,500 — $43,500

SUMMARY OF JOB:  The Building Supervisor is responsible for ensuring that the building’s systems are operating properly and the grounds and surrounding areas are maintained in a safe, secure and clean manner at all times.


·         Is responsible for repairing and maintaining the physical structures and systems of the office building.

·         Responds to common maintenance problems quickly and restores them to the proper condition.

·         Coordinates building operations at the direction of and in the absence of the Facilities Manager.

·         Directs and supervises maintenance staff at the direction of and in the absence of the Facilities Manager.

·         Is responsible for repairs, woodwork projects and sheetrock work as required.

·         Addresses and resolves electrical repairs, plumbing repairs, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration repairs.

·         Replaces lights and office furniture.

·         Paints as needed.

·         Is responsible for obtaining estimates for repairs and maintenance.

·         Is responsible for the economical use of supplies and equipment.

·         Knows and follows OSHA regulations.

·         Is responsible for knowing the work schedule, observing work hours and maintaining a good attendance record.

·         Attends in-service programs as directed or required.

·         Establishes and maintains effective working relationships with employees, supervisors and the public.  Exemplifies the company’s Five Star Program.

·         Follows all corporate and departmental policies and procedures and complies with the Employee Handbook.

·         Performs other tasks as needed or directed.

 DEGREE OF SUPERVISION:  Performs duties under periodic and general supervision.


·        Reports directly to the Facilities Manager.

·         Must be a high school graduate or earned a GED.

·         Requires at least 3 years of work in maintenance.

·         Must have good manual dexterity to effectively use maintenance tools.  Must be able to function in an office setting.  Must be able to drive an automobile.

·         Must be able to find and correct errors.

·         Physical activity involves reaching, carrying, looking, listening, talking, bending, kneeling, stooping, climbing, grasping, lifting and much standing and walking, resulting in heavy work.

·         Heavy-exerting 50 to 100 pounds of force occasionally and 20 to 50 pounds of force frequently and 10 to 20 pounds of force regularly to lift, carry, push, pull or move objects.  Must be able to walk, stand or sit to a significant degree depending on task requirements.

·         Works indoors and outdoors frequently performing task in inclement weather.  Is subject to falls from ladders and cuts from hand tools or other equipment.  Automobile travel is required.

·         Must be able to concentrate on work tasks amidst distractions, such as noise, conversations and foot traffic.

·         Must be able to work in a confined area performing repetitive work for extended periods of time.

·         Hazards or Risks: Hot and Cold temperatures, inclement weather conditions are common occurrences.  There is the possibility of injury from the use of maintenance equipment.

·         Worker Characteristics: Must have responsible, ethical and professional manner with the ability to listen, learn, plan and organize.  Must be able to communicate with people of different races, sexes, ages and social classes.

·         Non-performance Requirements:  Must have a valid driver’s license, current automobile liability insurance and a Social Security card or work permit.


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