Montgomery, AL

Our client’s Architectural Project Manager will be involved in most, if not all, aspects of construction projects involving commercial, industrial and residential buildings until projects reach completion.

Basic Duties:

From site preparation to building completion, the architectural project manager will oversee elements of the design and construction processes. Part of this preparation includes developing, organizing and reviewing building plans, as well as preparing construction contracts for general contractors. The project manager consults with clients and generally includes a cost estimate based on equipment, materials and labor requirements.

The architectural project manager must ensure that construction projects meet environmental, safety, structural, zoning and aesthetic standards; determine and schedule different stages of the building process according to client needs. During construction site visits: monitor progress and ascertain whether phases of the construction process are in compliance with building plans and project deadlines. After building completion: provide additional services for expansion and relocation projects.


–Bachelor of Architecture degree

–Successful completion of the Architect Registration Exam for state licensure

–Needs experience in an architect firm

–Must be able to balance technical skills and creative aptitude in a fast-paced environment.

–Must be familiar with architectural standards, engineering practices, building ordinances and blueprints in order to communicate effectively with clients and co-workers.

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Job Overview

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